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True crime fans know this is a huge factor in shaping personalities of people like Luka. Therefore I made a list of things I read in the Evaluation that struck me to be a risky factor in the shaping of Luka. I also added things I believe could have added value to the documentary but was not mentioned. If facts are not described truthfully, please feel free to correct:) I'm natively dutch so my English can suck a little here and there. In the end of the evaluation, the diagnostic impressions are: schizofrenia, histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality traits, paraphilia. I'll go deeper into this down below. Luka went on to live with his homophobic grandmother at age 16 to escape the verbal and physical abuse of his mother's boyfriend Leo. He did have a very good bond with his grandmother though. Later in his 20's he came out to his family about his homosexuality except for his grandmother. His family would tease/bully him, calling him a 'faggot'. He even went as far as to lie to his family that he was married to a woman when he lived in Russia. When Luka was a child, they had pet rabbits at home. He remembered his mom putting the rabbits outside leaving them to freeze to death in winter. His mom also was/is obsessed with cleanliness and often wore a surgical mask. This obsession even let to skin irritations because the children had to wash their hands so often. Luka believes his mother secretly wanted her children to be abducted and went on to describe an incident where he was fearful of a man standing outside the house and his mother would sent the children outside. When Luka was in special education classes, his mother attempted to attend and was told to leave because she was thought to be intrusive and was suspected of stealing money from the library as well as writing bad checks. Lukas mom did not want to send the kids to school when they were at age, and that caused a lot of tention with Lukas father. Sometimes the mother would tie up her children on a highchair with belts and put them in the corner if they didn't behave as pleased. The mother was 16/17 when she got Luka with his father. Luka wet the bed often when he was younger and his mom would put him in diapers even at age 6. This is not a huge thing, but bedwetting issues are a known trait for serial killers, so I decided to leave it here. Many members of his father's family have had mental health and drinking problems. His paternal grandfather was aggressive in general. Lukas father suffered from schizofrenia and has been in treatment since Luka is 12. Luka described his brother as a 'bad alcoholic'. His brother told people Luka was gay to people before he wanted to come out of the closet. Luka has been bullied a lot as a child, calling him 'gay' and 'faggot'. He changed schools and failed lots of classes/grades. Luka has been diagnosed with schizofrenia and bipolar disorder way before he killed Mr Lin. Luka has mentioned he heared voices in his head around age 17 when his mental health was decreasing so bad that he dropped out of high school. He said the voices have made him suicidal before. He also said to have visual hallucinations too. Luka has overdosed several times on his medication (on purpose). His first psychiatric admission was when he was 22. Luka recalls an incident involving inappropriate sexual activity with an uncle or paternal cousin on one occasion but he could not remember how old he had been. He remembered this person was later arrested for molesting boys. He also has told a psychiatrist in 2009 that the mothers boyfriend Leo has been physically and sexually abusive towards him and called the police a couple times. The mother begged him not to talk about anything sexual. Luka stated that some of his escort clients would have violent fantasies. He would allow himself to be hit or tied up at times. He also admitted to be aroused by 'scat' (had no idea what this was but I looked it up and guess it has to do with human feces) Luka dated a girl with mental disability and use her by going into stores and buy stuff on her credit card. He got arrested for this. Luka has a kind of 'obsession' with Marilyn Monroe. He would feel as if she is inside of him. He sometimes dresses up as her and he smokes because it made him feel like he is her. He went to her crypt a couple times and kissed her star on the Walk of Fame during a trip in 2008 to Hollywood. Luka's schizofrenia has led him to believe for years that the government was watching him and people wanted to kill him. This caused him to move every couple months, because he thought his phones was bugged. Luka would have severe sleepwalking issues. He recalled one time waking up to the alarming smoke detector and had a cigarette in his mouth and food on the stove. Repeatedly throughout this evaluation, it becomes clear that Luka has a great fear of abandonment. He doesn't open up about his schizofrenia to his family because his family abandoned his father after learning of his psychiatric illness. He says he falls in love really easy, and be things he's not in order to get other people's approval. Luka joined the Church of Scientology in 2004 After the first kitten video appeared, he said that Manny forced him to 'have sex with them and rubbing himself' with the kittens and took photos of it. He said he had a nervous breakdown afterwards and doesn't remember what he did with the kittens bodies afterwards. According to Luka the same thing happened when recording drowning video. He got a nervous breakdown and doesn't remember what he did with the cat. He also says he can't remember him killing and dismembering Mr Lin well, only bits and pieces. Something that occured to me was that Manny threatened with connections at the government, police or FBI that could harm him. But these are the exact same entities that he believes are spying on him due to his schizofrenia. I am thinking he built a character around his paranoid schizofrenia that he was dealing with for like a decade. In the evaluation Luka recalls his account on the event of killing Mr Lin. In his statement Manny told Luka that Mr Jin was a spy working for the government and that he should kill him. The photoshopped images of Luka were done by a women whom he had hired online to do some digital alterations of pictures. So the reason he emailed the body parts to these political parties was to get back at the government for tormenting him etc. So that's the most important points I thought were interesting to highlight. I'd love to know your thoughts on these:) Cheers. EDIT 1: Woah thanks for the Silver stranger! It's my first award:D EDIT 2: Thanks for the additional Silver & Gold! This is awesome! EDIT 3: u/tahitianhashish added the following interesting point: 'Another interesting thing I didn't see you mention {might have missed it reading) is that he was "homeschooled" until almost highschool, when the children's grandfather iirc insisted they go to school. Supposedly the mother didn't want them around the germs at school. '

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My spy free online games. Read this essay by Duncan Hubber, originally published nearly two years ago, a long while back on Tower of the Hand and when looking again today to see if anything new had been published I was reminded of its existence! He does such a great job breaking down the conspiracies within the text itself, as well as juxtaposing them to ours in the fandom as well. Just wanted to share for those who haven’t read it and see what all y’all might think, or even just inspire some great threads! Also Tower of the Hand is full of a bunch of other great essays from a variety of writers. Check it out! Here’s the original with more links included, it also has some pretty pictures. If you don’t have an account and set your spoiler scope already you’ll have to click on that tab and do so to see the content as a visitor. Evaluating the "Conspiracy Mentality" of the ASOIAF Fandom. There is a rich tradition of conspiracy theorising in A Song of Ice and Fire, practiced by both its characters and its readers. Through his use of point-of-view chapters, author George R. R. Martin demonstrates how nothing is as it seems on the surface, and every character harbours their own unique set of goals and agendas. I'm hard-pressed to think of another series with as many unresolved mysteries as ASOIAF, or with a fanbase as relentless in solving all of them. Theorycrafting is a fascinating and enjoyable enterprise which often adds new layers to the text. The first great mystery of the story - who is Jon Snow's mother? - is an excellent example of this effect, as its potential answer forces us to re-evaluate our perception of various characters and past events, and offers us clues regarding the future of the books. Martin cultivates this "conspiracy mentality" in several ways. Firstly, he demonstrates the disjunction between individual characters' perspectives of events and the version of history propagated by those in power. The events which incite the War of the Five Kings exemplify this narrative clash. In book one ( A Game of Thrones), the reader follows Ned Stark as he uncovers the bastardry of Queen Cersei's children and his subsequent attempts to secure control of the capital so that power can be transferred to the deceased king's brother Stannis Baratheon. Unfortunately, Ned is betrayed by the crown's treasurer Petyr Baelish and imprisoned in the black cells, where he is forced by Cersei (out of fear for his daughters' lives) to confess to trying to overthrow the lawful king Joffrey and usurp power for himself. This confession, which is followed by his unanticipated execution, is witnessed by the citizens of King's Landing and supports the royal proclamation of House Stark's treachery and Joffrey's legitimacy. This is a quintessential example of a conspiracy - an illegal or harmful act carried out by members of government or other powerful actors for their own ends, which they attempt to keep secret - and it is the premise for the entire series. Anyone who challenges the official account of King's Landing, such as Stannis Baratheon, would be proposing a conspiracy theory. Tellingly, when Stannis does issue letters across the Seven Kingdoms declaring Joffrey's illegitimacy, Cersei and the small council do not merely deny his charge, but attack Stannis' credibility with their own conspiracy theory - that his daughter Shireen is actually the illegitimate one, fathered by his court fool Patchface. ASOIAF is overflowing with such treachery, from assassinations and blackmail, to vast clandestine plots against the social order. It's important to note that the example given above is the only conspiracy in which we are largely privy to all of the facts; that is, we are given perspectives from all of the main participants - Ned, Jaime and Cersei - and it's reasonably clear where the truth ends and the lies begin; although, even then we can only guess to what extent characters like Baelish, Varys, Pycelle, or persons unknown played a role. Most of the other conspiracies in the series are only half-glimpsed or occur beyond the gaze of our point-of-view characters. For instance, the death of Jon Arryn and the failed assassination of Bran Stark are major mysteries throughout the first book. Ned and Catelyn Stark theorise that they were the results of a Lannister conspiracy and proceed on that basis; however, by the end of the third book ( A Storm of Swords), after both characters are dead, it is revealed that this assumption was incorrect, that Baelish and Lysa Arryn were responsible for the former Hand's death and neither Cersei nor Jaime had anything to do with the second attempt on Bran's life. Thus, Martin presents a world very much like our own - conspiracy theories are not inherently irrational, since conspiracies do occur and some theories are proven correct (see: the Watergate, Iran-Contra, and NSA phone-tapping scandals); but most conspiracy theories are lacking information, contain false information, distort information to suit their conclusions, or are based on unsound reasoning, and acting on such theories can be profoundly destructive - both to people's lives and to the epistemology we use to understand the world. Another way that Martin foregrounds the theme of conspiracy throughout ASOIAF is by showing characters' day-to-day lives as they plot against others and attempt to calculate and counteract the plots directed at them. This is most apparent in King's Landing, where all of the noble families are feverishly vying for political advantage. However, the mindset is prevalent across every political theatre of the series and even between members of the same family. Tyrion Lannister engages in a battle of manipulation and sabotage with his sister Cersei throughout book two ( A Clash of Kings), with each sibling attempting to weed out the others' spies, pilfer the others' sellswords and secure the others' secrets as blackmail. It produces a suffocating sense of paranoia which plagues the two characters for the rest of the books. Even after Tyrion has fled across the narrow sea, Cersei is convinced he is still hiding in the walls of the Red Keep, plotting her downfall; she sends guards into the tunnels to track him down and burns down the Tower of the Hand in vain effort to expel the fear. Likewise, while travelling across Essos, Tyrion remains disguised and wary of every set of eyes that pass over him lest they belong to hunters responding to Cersei's bounty. The siblings have reoccurring nightmares about their reunion, and disturbingly, fantasise about the ways they would like to torture each other. To quote Nirvana: "Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you. " Tyrion and Cersei are perhaps the most psychologically damaged by this "conspiracy mentality", but all of Martin's characters experience it, and the closer they get to power, the more vividly they feel its effect. Even a character like Ned - who hated the duplicitous nature of the "game of thrones" - was forced to become a conspirator in order to avoid being the victim of a conspiracy (alas, too little, too late). Metatextually, this writing style instils in the reader a profound scepticism - it teaches us to distrust whatever non-POV characters say or how things appear, and to scrutinise every encounter for clues on what people's true motivations and ultimate goals might be. It teaches us to approach every disaster with the question: who benefits most from this? Political editor Jesse Walker has identified five categories of conspiracy theory, each of which refers to a different type of conspirator. The "Enemy Outside" alludes to figures scheming against a community from without it, while the "Enemy Within" alludes to schemers lurking inside the community, indistinguishable from ordinary citizens. From the Starks' perspective, the Lannisters would be the external enemy working against the north, while the Boltons would be the internal enemy, harming it from within. However, if we extend the definition of "community" to the Seven Kingdoms, with Robert Baratheon as its legal ruler, then the Lannisters would be regarded as an internal enemy, while figures like Illyrio Mopatis, Khal Drogo, Mance Rayder, and Jon Connington would be regarded as external enemies. The "Enemy Above" involves the upper classes manipulating society for their own gain, while the "Enemy Below" involves the lower classes working to overturn the social order. There are countless instances throughout the series of the powerful abusing and exploiting the powerless. Tywin Lannister ordering the sacking of the riverlands and Mace Tyrell suspending grain shipments to King's Landing are two obvious examples which lead to the suffering of many in return for the self-interest of a few. The conspiracy from below is a less common phenomenon in Westeros, but is evident in the later books, almost as a direct result of the conspiracies of the powerful; for example, the Brotherhood Without Banners raids and thieves from Lannister and Stark soldiers in order to replenish the devastated resources of the riverlands smallfolk. Likewise, in book four ( A Feast for Crows), the septon known as the High Sparrow is able to galvanise the disenfranchised rural and urban peasants in a religious uprising against the corrupt aristocracy of King's Landing. Along with the pressures of politics, Martin also depicts metaphysical conspiracies at work in the story, which take the form of dreams, visions and prophecies. Most of the main characters have experienced such spectacles, either while sleeping or during states of mental alteration; instances include Daenerys Targaryen drinking shade-of-the-evening and entering the psychedelic House of the Undying, or a marooned, dehydrated Davos Seaworth hearing the Mother chastise him. Some characters, such as Melisandre of Asshai and the Ghost of High Heart, claim to be able to receive information about the future from a divine being or beings. The nature of such visions is highly ambiguous, and often produces more questions than answers. For example, one of Undying visions Dany witnesses is of a naked woman being assaulted by four small rodent-like men. Most readers have interpreted this not as a literal event, but as an allegory for the War of the Five Kings, with the woman symbolising Westeros being ravaged by the four remaining claimants. Conversely, another vision shows a dining hall filled with corpses seated around a dead man with a wolf's head. This seems to be a literal glimpse at the aftermath of the Red Wedding, albeit with some figurative flourishes (that is, Robb was probably taken elsewhere to have Grey Wind's head sewn on). In book three, the Ghost of High Heart recalls a vision of a girl resembling Sansa Stark, who "slay[s] a savage giant in a castle built of snow. " The readership is hesitant whether this vision has been fulfilled or not (in a later chapter, Sansa dismembers a toy giant whose owner ruined her snow castle), or whether it is still pending in some grander form. In book five ( A Dance with Dragons), the shadowbinder Quaithe warns Dany that the "griffin" and the "mummer's dragon" are coming to treat with her, only for Tyrion to convince Jon Connington to travel to Westeros directly instead. This error suggests that visions are not inevitable, but are closer to educated guesses based on current circumstances; they are weather reports, if you will, storms gathering and dispersing to the flaps of some butterfly on Naath. Melisandre, however, would vehemently disagree with these misgivings, asserting that the prophecy of Azor Ahai reborn is the only truth in existence. Yet, even if this is the case, it seems possible that she has blundered in her selection of candidate. Samwell Tarly and Maester Aemon both notice that while Stannis' sword glows, it emits no heat. What's interesting is that Melisandre's point-of-view chapter in book five shows no awareness of this self-delusion, and she is genuinely baffled that her nightfires show her visions of Jon Snow, rather than Stannis. Like a bad conspiracy theorist, she has become stuck in a pattern of ignoring or faking evidence in order to suit her conclusion. To the reader's privileged gaze, Daenerys' fiery dragon-hatching rebirth seems to fulfil the criteria of Azor Ahai far more convincingly than Stannis or Jon; yet while our field of knowledge might exceed Melisandre's or any one character in the series, it is vital to remember that we too are still missing huge gaps. We cannot grow careless of what a former Secretary of Defence called the "unknown unknowns. " Dreams are related to visions in the sense that they often provide characters with metaphysical insights into the world beyond their frame of experience or knowledge. Some characters are more sensitive to the spirit world than others, particularly characters who have been close to death, like Bran and Patchface. Like the images Dany encounters in the House of the Undying, Bran's greendreams reveal allegorical visions of future events, such as the surprise attack on Winterfell by the ironborn. Most of the Stark children have a strong spiritual connection with their direwolves; at various points, they are also able to look through the animal's eyes (and sometimes other animals) to acquire extrasensory knowledge about the world. For example, while warging into Ghost, Jon is able to sense that Shaggydog is alive and fighting with a large, horned goat; these warg dreams plant a stubborn notion in Jon's head that his younger brothers are still alive, while the reader is able to extrapolate further and deduce that Rickon is currently on the isle of Skagos. That said, it is noteworthy that most dreams in the series are not necessarily depicted as metaphysical insights, but rather insights into a character's subconscious. For example, in book two, Theon has a nightmare in which he is dining at a table of dead people, when a bloodied Robb Stark staggers into the hall; this has been seen by some as vision of the Red Wedding (which Theon's capture of Winterfell helps facilitate); however, it could just as likely be a symbolic expression of Theon's guilt at having betrayed his foster brother. This is not to suggest that the subconscious is a shallow vein for divulging conspiracies or mysteries. Ned Stark rarely thinks of the circumstances of his sister Lyanna's kidnapping by Rhaegar Targaryen; yet, after being attacked by Jaime Lannister, his fever dreams include a hazy recollection of his arrival at the Tower of Joy, which etches a counter-narrative to the one propagated by Robert Baratheon. Likewise, Tyrion's conscious memories of his former wife Tysha are profoundly painful to him, yet the subconscious memories he has of her while recovering from the Battle of Blackwater are marked by a sense of warmth and safety; they contradict the version of their relationship that Tywin forced upon him (and on her). From the reader's perspective, it seems that prophecies are just vague enough that they can be interpreted and manipulated to fit almost any theory. Certainly, several of the visions in the House of the Undying contain truth, but this only becomes apparent after the events in question have occurred. And what about the visions that haven't materialised, or that have been diverted, or that were visions of the past, or visions of an alternate reality? What about the visions that were just by-products of Dany's drug-addled mind? One can't help but question whether prophecies serve any practical use for the characters or the readers. Nevertheless, the fandom has spent countless hours parsing through all of the metaphysical flotsam and jetsam of the series in an effort to make sense of each character's destiny. These phenomena would fall under the fifth category identified by Jesse Walker - the "Benevolent" (or Malevolent) Conspiracy - in that they refer a conspiracy of divine forces, such as gods, spirits, supernatural beings or actors, who work behind the scenes to shape the lives of mortals. It is a kind of epistemology which our modern minds would regard as incredible and irrational. Nevertheless, for Martin, it is a dimension of reality which cannot be ignored; this is not to say he ever confirms the existence of a god or gods in his world, but that the various (often competing) religious factions attempt to articulate a spiritual or metaphysical facet which, for the characters, is as real as the seasons. Conspiracy theories are very appealing to people and have become increasingly popular in recent decades. Professor Brian Keeley argues that: "The desire to believe in conspiracy theories as an extension of the human urge to find meaning in our lives and the world around us. These theories, however outlandish, at least provide comforting explanations for otherwise unexplainable or random events. " Political scientist Michael Barkun notes that many people have rejected the official explanation of John F. Kennedy's assassination, simply because they find it intolerable that a president could be killed and a nation brought to a halt by one pathetic loner with a gun. Such momentous distress must be the result of an equally momentous conspiracy. Comparatively, it was unthinkable to Cersei (and the reader) that King Joffrey would simply choke to death on a piece of pie at his own wedding. How could such a devastating war be fought to keep him on the throne, only for him to die such a random, meaningless death? Cersei claims that Tyrion is responsible, while other characters believe it was punishment by the gods; most readers assume that it was the work of Lord Baelish and a few members of the Tyrell family. A lot of bad things happen in the War of the Five Kings - people die from battle, plunder, starvation, disease, poisoning, and execution, all in service to a set of kings who are also dead by the end of the third book. A theory of organised evil is preferable to a reign of chaos, because at least organised evil can be identified and confronted. The only thing more terrifying than a sinister figure scheming in the shadows or a dark lord plotting in a tower is the thought that no one is in control. The combination of the series' "conspiracy mentality" and the ability to disseminate information and speculation across the internet has helped foster a vibrant theorycrafting culture in the ASOIAF fandom. According to this Angelfire page, the theory that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark was established as early as 2000 (and probably earlier). Many other primary theories have been proven correct, such as Renly and Loras being lovers; Joffrey being murdered and Tyrion being framed for it; Stannis going to the Wall to help fight the Others; Jeyne Poole being forced into prostitution and playing the role of "fake Arya"; baby Aegon being smuggled out of King's Landing before it was sacked; and Varys plotting to restore a Targaryen to the Iron Throne (although these last two points are still in contention, given the Blackfyre theory). However, as this pre-ACOK chatlog shows, many fan theories have not born out or were abandoned with subsequent books. Message boards like and Tower of the Hand, and subforums on Reddit and Tumblr are teaming with debates about existing theories and newly-introduced theories. On YouTube, the most-viewed ASOIAF videos are theory-based (with character and thematic analysis a distant second). Ironically, these videos share the same platform - and often the same presenting style and search suggestions - as real-world conspiracy theories, such as the "Fake Moon Landing" theory. It is of course unfair to compare ASOIAF theory videos with real-world conspiracy theories, since the latter deals with history, while the former deals with fiction. Fiction is by definition calculated and controlled by an author. Martin is clearly presenting us with mysteries and conflicting accounts of history, and encouraging us to interrogate the text and collate the information into something closer to the truth. From a metatextual perspective, the author is the ultimate conspirator, the ultimate manipulator, working behind the scenes for a specific end. But Martin at least wants us to think critically about this process, and maybe even glimpse part of that end before it arrives. What is fascinating about ASOIAF is that the fandom has grown so large and diverse that there are now multiple competing theories responding to the same events, mysteries and visions. Indeed, fans seek answers to mysteries that initially weren't even identified as mysteries, such as who engineered the King's Landing bread riots or the true identity of the High Sparrow. Remember, conspiracy is preferable to chaos. In my opinion, this is all a result of the agonising wait between books, particularly for The Winds of Winter, which has left the main characters hanging from the edge of a cliff for almost seven years. As members of a fandom, we're all fanatical to a point, and such a gaping lack of payoff is enough to drive anyone mad. Indeed, many fan theories, intentionally or unintentionally, resemble the ramblings of Dragonstone's court fool (see: the time-travelling foetus theory). Such theories are lovingly referred to as "crackpot" or "tinfoil" theories, evoking the conspiracy theorist who wraps himself in aluminium to prevent the government (or aliens) from controlling their thoughts. In accordance with Poe's Law, it's usually impossible to separate genuine theories from theories devised purely for amusement. For example, the Grand Merling Conspiracy is inventive and affectionately re-shared across the fandom, but I would be very surprised if any readers actually believed Varys is the harbinger of an underwater fish kingdom. In this way, theorycrafting can function like a form of fanfiction, giving us the ability to generate new material out of old content, to play with the text and renew its well-worn facets. Positing future events is the closest thing fans have to glimpsing the contents of a book we so fiendishly crave. It has fostered an interactive, competitive and energetic spirit in the fandom, even at a point when there hasn't been anything new to discuss in seven years (if you exclude the TV show and The World of Ice & Fire). However, I also think that the longer the "long night" has dragged on, the more outlandish and dogmatic some of this speculating has become. There are theories formerly derided as "crackpot" which are now passionately argued and have gained increasing acceptance by many fans. Chief amongst them is an opposing theory to R+L=J (that is, Rhaegar+Lyanna=Jon) championed by popular YouTubers like Preston Jacobs. This theory posits that Rhaegar and Lyanna did not give birth to a son, but rather to a daughter. This child, Daenerys, was transported in secret to Dragonstone, possibly with the help of Ned and House Dayne, where she was swapped with the stillborn child of King Aerys and Queen Rhaella. Or alternatively, she was reunited with their son Viserys sometimes afterwards. This theory contains a lot of wild speculation; however it can be whittled down to two main arguments: Firstly, Dany's memories of her childhood seem impossible. She recalls growing up in a House with a Red Door in Braavos, under the care of Ser Willem Darry. She often thinks wistfully about running through green fields, the smell of perfume, and playing next to a lemon tree. However, when Arya Stark travels to Braavos in book four, she describes a rainy, foggy metropolis comprised of a hundred islands linked by stone bridges. The city smells of salt and brine, and there are no trees to be found anywhere. There are also a number of passages throughout the books which indicate that citrus trees only grow in temperate regions such as Dorne and the southern free cities. These contradiction cast doubt on Dany's early life, suggesting that Viserys lied to her about the two growing up in Braavos. When the lemon tree question was put to Martin, he replied that it was a good insight into future revelations. Secondly, when King Robert orders the assassination of Daenerys, Ned thinks back to the promise Lyanna asks of him, a promise he considers broken. This doesn't make sense, because if Jon is Lyanna's son, then he is still safe, and the promise hasn't been broken. While I agree that the "lemon tree" memory is an intriguing anomaly in the story (although it's possible she simply grew up in the Braavosian Coastlands), I think it takes an absurd leap to arrive at Dany being the daughter of Rhaegar and Lyanna. It's definitely good to have alternate theories, because we shouldn't become too complacent and assume R+L=J is a fact, but R+L=D just makes zero sense to me, logically or narratively. However, I've already argued against this theory elsewhere, so I won't belabour the point. What I am interested in is the metatextual arguments for this theory - namely, that R+L=J can't be true, because it is too obvious. I would retort that, at face value, the obvious answer to the question of Jon's parentage is Ashara Dayne or the wetnurse Wylla, because these are the candidates explicitly mentioned in the text. The first time I read the series, R+L=J never even occurred to me. It was only after I started talking with other fans online that I became aware of this theory. One thing I think we need to keep in mind is that when Martin started writing these books, the internet wasn't as big a factor in people's lives. In 1996, there was no Wiki of Ice and Fire or; readers had to solve these mysteries on their own. The internet has changed the way we engage with the books, mostly for the good, because it allows readers to share a multitude of interpretation and collaborate with each other; but I also think it can rob us of the solitary detective work that Martin had originally assumed. R+L=J may seem obvious now, but I'm willing to bet most people reading the series in the 90s and early 2000s were unaware of it, and that the majority of us wouldn't have figured it out without fan sites and discussion forums. Nowadays, Game of Thrones fans don't even need to read the books - they can just go directly to the Vulture article listing the 50 biggest fan theories of ASOIAF. All of the hard work is done, and thus it seems like these established theories comprise an official account, a popular belief, a conventional wisdom - the very things that inspire scepticism in every conspiracy theorist. I think we have lived with R+L=J for so long that we have grown restless with it. One can't help but wonder if R+L=D is doomed to the same fate, and some other contrarian theory will eventually be proffered to replace it; not because new evidence has emerged (how could it - there hasn't been a new book since 2011), but because the surface cannot be trusted, and like Ramsay Bolton we peel off another layer of flesh, continually searching for the unfiltered truth beneath. This is a unique point in the story and the fandom. We're much closer to the end than the beginning, and yet there is far enough to go that it still feels like anything is possible. Many of the biggest theories remain in play, and so the fan debates will rage on for nights to come. But after the final book has dropped (George willing), that will cease to be the case. Most of these theories will die ignoble deaths, and with the object of their quarry tamed, most fans will retire the hunt and move on to greener pastures. There's something ephemeral and bittersweet about that. Although there is of course the equally likely fate that we never get an ending and will remain trapped in this citrus-scented purgatory forevermore. Scepticism is a valuable tool, especially in an age bombarded with information from so many unreliable sources. The danger, I suppose, is being unable to accept the truth when we're finally faced with it.

This might be weird, but for some reason, I love Linda Cardellini's voice. This series looks pretty good. My spy free online. EDIT/UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM!!! Here's my story, aka why I hate Roblox with all my heart. But first, a bit of background. My mother raised me on her own, as she kicked my dad out of her life, and then proceeded to manipulate me into thinking he abandoned me. But that's for another story. Nine years later, she had my little brother (the entitled kid here) with another man, who turned out to be an absolute bastard. He threatened to kidnap the kid, and had the means to do so. By the means, I mean connections with some foreign mafia and guns. So when we left, not only my mother had to raise him by herself too, but we had also lost all of our friends, which were an important support to us. So, we moved to the region where most of my family lives. They're relatively nice with myself, but my mother barely gets along with any of them. On top of that, they're racist (my brother is mixed, his father is Senegalese). Cue my mom being COMPLETELY alone to raise this child. My mom's a teacher, has to pay rent and utilities, as well as food for all of our animals. We currently have two greyhounds, which are her only moral support, four cats (two of them are strays, we only meant adopt one half Maine Coon! ), and two fish. The fish are my own, so I care for them all the way. They don't cost a lot, and I pay for most of the expenses. Anyway, two children with so many animals is quite a load, but we can manage. We just don't have enough money to go on vacations, nor can we afford to spend extra on superficial things. There's a few times where we've been tight around the end of the month, but it's alright, we're happy living that way. (That, without mentioning my mom smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, and her alcoholism. I'm bitter about that, but it can't be helped. ) My brother was diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD, Tourette's and Asperger's. You'd expect him to be quite a rowdy kid, which explains most of the behavior I'll tell you guys about. It should be considered normal, I guess, but it's just really tiring. Oh, also, I'm 17 (F) and can't afford to move out yet, which is why I'm still dealing with this bs. Okay, here it goes: My little brother spends A LOT of time on the computer. It allowed me to bond with him quite a lot, as we'd play TF2 or Minecraft together for hours a day. Eventually, with the time school took away from me, I couldn't play with him anymore, but I still helped him out when it came to picking out new games and tactics. For this Christmas, I helped my mom find him a PS4 and good games, which we could play together again! I also jumped on the occasion to play Detroit and COD by myself, to be honest. But I thought a Spiderman game and Overwatch (it's similar to TF2, and he was really good at it) could be quite entertaining for an eight year old child. He played for a month or two, then completely gave up on it for some reason. He didn't even struggle with the commands or anything, it was just not his type of games, I guess. I still play on it sometimes, when I'm not studying midterms. Anyway, thanks to the PS4, he understood that he could buy things online. Mainly because he witnessed me telling my mom how to purchase Playstation Plus, which would be useful to play COD or Overwatch. Which brings us to the reason of his newfound entitlement: ROBLOX. He's been playing Roblox on the PC for a while, and we had no problems with it. He could barely read at the time, and not write at all without asking us how to spell out some things, so the weird people that might be on this cursed game were not something that'd worry us too much. My mom had bought him robux a few times in the past, but nothing that would get too much of his interest. He'd just spend most of his time killing people, or titans on the bootleg AOT games (caused me to get him the real deal on PS4, he still hasn't touched it... ) or troll around people and get kicked out of the games. It was pretty funny to me. Til the kid figured out how reading worked, approximately. He started interacting with people more frequently, and apparently people would always ask him if he had robux, or troll him for his unstylish character. My mom and I gave him a talk about how he shouldn't listen to them. I explained to him that they were probably stuck up pre-teens that found confidence in virtual currencies and lego-looking characters that did not look like them at all, and that made him laugh a lot. We thought he understood how unimportant such things were, and how he's better off not being superficial virtually when we could never afford cool shit IRL. Fast forward a few weeks. My mother happens to be sick, and her illness is fatal. It's also incurable, unless she stops smoking, and I've honestly lost faith in that. She had to take some time off work, because of that illness, but also because the educational system in France is going straight-up BAD. She's too tired to bear with her students, and with the new programs. This has reduced our income, but at least my mom can get some rest. This also allows my brother to spend more time at home, since we live next to the school. He gets bullied quite a lot, so spending lunch break with my mom is good for him. But as I said, we were broke before, and now we're even more broke. The tenants of our house are threatening to kick us out because my mom prioritizes feeding us over paying rent. That didn't help with her drinking problem, nor with her addiction to nicotine. I've been working as much as my schedule allows it, and started sneaking a cigarette or two when it got too stressful, just to catch a break. The kid obviously sees how hard it is for the both of us, and was rather sympathetic about it until recently. He'd always tell us he's proud of us and is grateful there's something to eat every day, and it was really motivating. Until a week or two ago! The kid's reading actually improved a lot, thanks to his teacher's new methods, and this was the beginning of our problems: First, he started telling us he got his very first roblox GF. We thought it was cute. I looked into it, and that kid's ability to write was as awful as my brother's: a match made in heaven. I, of course, looked at their messages quite often, since I don't want my brother to be a pedophile's next victim. But then, his Roblox GF dumped him because there was only 5 robux left on his account! Cue the first fit. First, he STOLE from my mother's bank account. It's linked to a PayPal, so that she could buy things without struggling with putting her card info into the different websites. Terrible idea, I know, but her generation isn't exactly the best with technology, I guess. I always ask her to tell me which site she wants to buy from beforehand, so that I can be sure they won't steal her info. I trust Amazon, and so does she, so she does most of her purchases on that. But still, my brother had access to this way of buying things. So, he did buy the cheapest robux option. My mother didn't yell at him and explained to him that it was wrong to buy things without asking her beforehand. He argued back that she wouldn't let him have any, so he "did what he had to do". Eventually, he seemed to understand that what he did was wrong. But he started asking. And oh boy, the asking went wrong. Worse than anything ever. A week ago, he did ask. We're short on money, so my mother said no. He wasn't happy with that, and kept insisting. When the answer was still no, he went ahead and threatened to steal from her again, screaming that if she didn't buy him robux, he'd get them himself. At this point, she was tired. She asked him why he wanted them so badly, and the only argument he could find was "BECAUSE I WANT THEM!!! ", and after a while, it was getting tiring. I stayed in the kitchen and ate my breakfast baguette as if nothing was happening, trying not to let anger get to me. I hate being pissed, and I did NOT need this on a Saturday morning. Still, I heard a conversation that went like this: Mom, surprisingly calm: If you don't stop this right now, I'll be calling your grandparents, and you'll be spending the weekend with them. EK (entitled kid): F CK OFF!!! I DON'T WANT TO STAY WITH THESE OLD C NTS! (Reminder, he's 8, but he has Tourette's. ) Mom: Put this mouse down right now, I will not let you buy these robux. EK: I WANT THEM!!! I WANT THEM!!! Mom: You don't even need them to play, just what do you want them for? EK: F CK YOU, B TCH! I DO WHAT I WANT! The exchange kept going this way, until the kid tried to throw the PC off the table. At this point, my mom got pissed, because we do not have 500€ to spend on a new computer she actually needs for work. My brother ran off and upstairs, into his room. You'd think it stopped there, but absolutely not. He ruined his bedroom. And by that, I mean he threw bookshelves down onto the floor, threw everything he could find around, emptied his wardrobe on the floor, threw his mattress across the room- thus creating nothing but chaos. That's where it ended that time. But the fits kept happening almost on a daily basis. Yesterday's fit was the worst one until now. The same things happened, except this time, I was in the living room as well, trying to enjoy a nice, sweet cup of coffee, while messing around on Twitter. I couldn't care less about his entitlement, I had more important stuff to care about. The little man got really angry, and looked for something to take his anger out on, since his room is now looking like Verdun. Literally, it looks like it got bombed overnight, or that the FBI raided it, I don't know! It's just too chaotic to be worsened. And, well, since I happened to be there, he charged at me. Now, I had my phone in one hand, and a cup of boiling hot coffee in the other. Thankfully I could put down the coffee before he hit me, but I still had the phone, which is my only escape from my hellish household. I hold onto this cheap, Chinese, spying piece of metallic composants like I hold onto my dear life. So of course, I choose to throw it on the other side of the couch, rather than protect myself from the incoming kick. I only get one hit in the sides, which got me a nice, big bruise, before I grab the crazy goblin by the arms and force him down on the floor. I'm thin, and he is not. He's a literal bunch of muscles from all the sport he's been doing aside from his intensive gaming, so I had to work out quite a bit to manage to control him when he freaks out, which is quite often. But these days, it's just not enough. I struggle to keep him down as he screams, kicks, bites, scratches and flails his arms around like a God damn banshee. My mother runs over to help and give his antipsychotic drugs (because yes, he needs those, somehow), and we think it's over for the day. He's calmed down and has stopped fighting, and when I let him get up, he goes back to the computer, grumbling angrily. But guess what! He tries to steal from my mother, again! I don't want to fight with the goblin again, so I get my phone and my coffee back, and head to the kitchen, my safe place. It's around 10 AM by then, and my friend just woke up, so I'd rather just text her than deal with this demon. I hear him screaming like he's possessed AGAIN, and this time my mom yells back. I can't be bothered, I have other stuff to worry about, so I don't interfere. Until I hear angry little feet rushing into the kitchen, and before I know it, the gremlin has a BBQ fork in his hand. Now, this isn't the first time this happens, so I could register everything that happened: 1st step: He lunges at me and tries to stab me with that damned fork, for once I'm thankful it's not a kitchen knife. Yes, he's tried to stab me with a kitchen knife before. Yes, I got a few scars from it. 2nd step: I use my foot to keep him as a reasonable distance and grab his wrist to stop him from stabbing my leg. I yell so my mom can help. 3rd step: She FINALLY rushes in to grab him, and my survival chances go up again. 4th step: I have to watch a possessed 8 year old kid struggle to break free while yelling "I WANT TO KILL HER, I WANT TO KILL HER! " Now, I don't want him to keep screaming, so I grab my mom's PC and run into my room with it. I locked myself up and waited for him to calm down. I took the opportunity to make the kid a new user account on the PC, with his own Windows account and shit. I set it as a children's account, so he can't spend money from it. Also changed my mom's password, and discussed the issue with her, since at this point, my well-being and sanity were threatened over a bunch of ROBUX. The kid wasn't happy about the change, and threw another fit this morning, but this time, my mom got him to understand that enough was enough. She threatened to leave him at school for lunch break and for after-school hours, and also to leave him at my grandparent's place for the weekend. He cried a lot, but no one was hurt. Fingers are crossed for what might come next. I'm sure that even when she gets her paycheck in, she won't let him buy anything, as she wants him to understand that he isn't entitled to his virtual money. We'll be trying to get him not to take these things for granted, and I feel like it'll be tough. I don't know where he gets the entitlement from, as we've always been a modest family, if not broke. He isn't a spoiled child and should honestly know better. He's a smart kid, so I'm sure he will learn. I also have to study for midterms in these conditions, wish me luck. Can't wait to move out. Tldr; my brother tried to murder me and destroyed his bedroom because my mom wouldn't buy him Roblox money. Edit: Well shit, this post ended up being featured in r/ slash. I've been brought to reddit by his videos, so it's quite the surprised to be noticed by him. Although, I'm not sure I really like the amount of attention this is getting, as I fear people will take this too seriously and get hostile/harmful. I feel like I might need to make a few points, so here it goes: First, please do keep in mind that this was written in the heat of the moment. The incident had just happened and I was frustrated and angry, thus emphasizing the bad traits of the kid. He's a little demon, sure, but only during his outbursts. As bad as those may sound, they're getting less and less frequent, thanks to the medication and the professionals who take care of him. They may sound rather violent through my words, because it's how they seem to me, but no one got really hurt. In the past, his behavior was way worse, and had it remained the same by now, I don't think I'd be sane. What I mean to say is, sure, the outbursts are awful. But they're just tantrums thrown by a disabled kid. He does not need to be thrown in an asylum, and he does not need to be put up for adoption. Even if things do get hard sometimes, he's a good kid, and is really trying his best. Most of you know relationships between siblings aren't the easiest ones. Despite my words, I truly do believe he's doing great, and that he'll get better very soon. He has a treatment, which does fit his needs, and he makes efforts. My mother and I do our best to help him, and he is getting better. In the end, those outbursts hurt him the most, as he isn't in control of himself when they do happen. Just imagine how painful that must be, for a kid his age. All I'm saying here, is, please don't take my words as facts. I'm a 17 year old kid with her own struggles and with a lot of bullshit to deal on the side. The kid is a little boy who only wants to get better and who's trying his best. His outbursts haven't resulted in more than a scratch, and that happened a few years ago. When I say that he's getting better, he truly is. As for the financial situation, we're handling it pretty well so far. We're eating, I can afford to take the bus and go to school, we can afford to take the kid to the doctors, and my mom is trying to get rid of her addictions. The smoking and drinking are indeed quite expensive, but we're trying to manage them, and they won't be a problem for long. I won't edit the entire text, but please do take this edit seriously. I was just pissed, and despite how hard things can be with him, I still love my brother with all my heart. We're all doing our best to support him and it is working so far. Last, I'd like everyone to consider this as someone testifying to the hardships of the life with a disabled kid. He isn't a threat to my life, nor is he a threat to anyone else's. As you can see, we control the situation, and will keep doing so, even if it takes jiu-jitsu training. This isn't a cry for help, just an annoyed teenager who's tired of this shit. Thank you for reading this, and be kind to everyone, even kids who throw demon-level tantrums over Roblox coins. I promise everyone, including myself and the kid, will be fine, and that everything is under control, thanks to the medical staff and awesome treatments they're providing. There's a lot of improvement to make, but once we get there, I'll be sure to tell you all. Have a good day! (Really, please do read the update before commenting or sending a DM. ).

From Luc Besson, director of 'The Fifth Element. The Professional' and 'Valerian. Wow, he even wrote and produced all 3 'Taken' and 'Transporter' movies. My Spy free online surveys. I put it back 😂😂😂. My spy free online youtube. Was Dwayne watching F&F 6 when he was deciding for a soundtrack for the trailer. I used to think my life was a tragedy... but now I realise, its a comedy. I love this line lmao.


R.I.P HOLLYWOOD... WE'LL REMEMBER YOU. I had so much fun watching this movie 😅. They should make (this is the end 2) the devil finds a way to get to heaven and then the battle of the angels where Seth rogan and the others team up with jebus and take down the devil. Jj and bobbi make for a good laugh. Has its moments. Knock Knock. My spy free online episodes.

Watch Online TVLine. My Spy free online. So as the school holidays comes to an end in Australia we finish off with yet another release of a children's film. The funny part is that it's a bit like a recipe, as it contains parts of all the other films I've reviewed already these summer holidays! You take the machismo of Playing with Fire, add the silliness of Farmageddon, plus a touch of heart from Frozen 2, not forgetting some funny one-liners from Jumanji, finish it off with some espionage from Spies in Disguise, garnish it with the child-friendly action of Star Wars and you have a perfectly satisfying film called My Spy. Mr. 9 and I ate it up (and reviewed it) last week when we saw it at Palace Nova cinemas!
JJ (Dave Bautista) is an undercover CIA agent who is not exactly inconspicuous. After a weapons deal goes horribly wrong he is assigned to surveillance duty with tech-specialist Bobbi (Kristen Schaal. Their job is to keep an eye on a mother and daughter who may be in danger if a global terrorist finds out where they live. But JJ isn't exactly qualified for surveillance duty and it's not long before he is caught out by clever 9 year old Sophie (Chloe Coleman) the girl he is supposed to be watching. The two work out an arrangement where Sophie won't tell her mum Kate (Parisa Fitz-Henley) that they are being watched, but only if JJ teaches Sophie how to become a spy. The two don't exactly get along but over time a friendship develops, much to the chagrin of Bobbi who knows that this is a serious breach of the CIA surveillance rules. But, as expected, trouble inevitably finds its way into Sophie and Kate's life and we are left to see whether the spy training that JJ gave this precocious 9 year old will succeed or fail spectacularly.
For a film like this, with a storyline that has been done to death plenty of times before, I was actually surprised at how much I liked My Spy. But my enjoyment didn't come so much from former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Stuber) but the confidence and acting ability of kid actor Chloe Coleman (Big Little Lies. In a lot of these 'kids teaching adults to be kids' films the child usually comes across as bratty and unlikeable but Coleman finds a great balance of clever, likeable and entertaining which Mr. 9 and I really found appealing. Also when you have a great comedy support cast like Kristen Schaal (Gravity Falls, Toy Story 4) and Ken Jeong (The Hangover movies) the laughter also lifts a notch too.
Mr.9: I really liked Sophie in this film when she is learning to become a spy. The part where she keeps looking at the explosions behind her was really funny because JJ had to keep turning her head around.
Bautista seems to have found his niche in Hollywood at taking characters who are large, muscle-bound, meat heads with not much going on upstairs. Alongside professional comedians like Schaal and Jeong his comedic acting can sometimes be painful to watch as he tries to compete with them for laughs but comes across more forced than natural.
And for those of you looking for an action film this is not entirely the case with My Spy. Although it is bookended with big, action, set pieces it is more a romantic comedy as much of the film is taken up with telling the story of JJ's budding friendship with Sophie and finding a possible love interest with her mum, Kate.
Mr. 9: It got really boring in the middle because there was no action happening. The bad guy was there at the start and then disappeared until the end of the film. It seemed different from what the trailer showed.
For those of you who are familiar with Dave Bautista you would know that he is bald up top. Yet for some unknown reason the hair and makeup team decided to either spray paint or put a toupee on top of his head which is jet black and extremely short. It looks so unnatural and left me staring at the top of his head for most of the movie. Somewhat in shock and somewhat in fascination I couldn't stop looking at this unusual follicle choice.
I didn't have high hopes for My Spy after seeing the trailer but walked out pleasantly surprised at how a completely unoriginal film could be so enjoyable. Bautista's charm and Coleman's likeability really carry this film above 'just another comedy. An enjoyable film to finish off the school holidays!
Mr. 9: All the spy stuff was fun and the movie was also pretty funny although it had a lot of swearing for a 'PG' film. Three and a half out five.

My spy free online app. I think out of this entire trailer (and probably the movie) the best part will be Jennifer Anniston driving the sports car. 1:36 Will smith: Checks if his pp is effected too. Video: PZ SQUARE Me: PZ SQUIRE. We all Knew BATISTA was on Steroids in 04 lil girl u were just being born wasn't thought of 😂😂😂😂.

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